Video_64 seen from top and from the side. Part II of ongoing experiments with splitting videos along the axes perpendicular to the time axis.

Video_64 is an invitation into one's subconscious mind. It is currently the most popular video.

Video_67B is part II of a visualisation of "an opposition" by Dutch composer Martijn Tellinga. It was shown at this year's Diagonale film festival in Graz, Austria.

Video_67C, addendum to part I and II of visualisations of "an opposition" by Dutch composer Martijn Tellinga.

Video_65, a visualisation of a track by American composer Chris Arrell, shown at 2015's Diagonale film festival, MUMOK Vienna, M.I.T. (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), and others...

Video_63 is a visualisation of a track by Viennese composer Curd Duca, as are Video_62 and Video_59.

Sections through spacially demanding objects, part I.

Die österreichische Tageszeitung Kurier legte vor und wir schlossen uns an, und erklärten diese Woche (und auch gleich die folgenden 1000) zur Themenwoche Impfen.

Record and CD covers for Störung Records' release #11: Mia Zabelka and Asferico: The Broken Glass.

Immediately after it had happened, 11/13 (Paris' second "terror attack" within a year) was called France's 9/11, and the similarities were indeed striking. Like 9/11, and like the whole parade of "terror attacks" and "mass shootings" that followed since, designed to justify endless wars and to nullify human rights, this one was as fake as can be:
with no forensic proof that a court would accept, with events "coinciding" with drills exercising the exact same scenario, with passports miraculously found in pristine condition, with mainstream media identifying the alleged perpetrators without any investigation, with everyone calling it a war (which it was obviously not, even if it were real), with "terrorism experts" constantly failing to mention that the IS is a creation of the west, and with politicians immediately calling for more violence abroad and stricter laws at home...,, Red Silver J,, The Sleuth Journal, study "Inventing Terrorists, the Lawfare of Preemptive Prosecution" (2), Jeff C. (freeradio revolution), RT, KenFM, Prof. Michel Chossudovsky, Max Igan, and Max Igan again's most recent exhibition (of 27 fine-art prints in A0 format: "Also Sprach Algorismi".